Friday, January 17, 2014


Got the rest of my immunizations today! Typhoid and yellow fever. So we can check that off the list. Missionaries, I would recommend going 2 months before you leave. That way you can get the most out of the immunization time. For example if you wanted to return to your mission a few months after you finished, your immunization will still last. Also I had the option to get the Typhoid vaccine orally or by injection. I would recommend orally because it's cheaper and it lasts longer. My mom and I had a good laugh because as the nurse was giving me all the warnings she kept saying it was a "live vaccine" and if I get a fever in the next week that is totally normal. We don't really know what a "live vaccine" is... and having a small dose of yellow fever is kind of scary... but whatever it takes to get to South America!

I was the kid who was excited about shots because I was so interested in them... maybe I should go into the medical field ;)

Live pic.

Done! Now, we shop.

I got an orange wrist band to remind me to take my oral Typhoid vaccine. Cute.

Everything is going great! We are keeping things spread out and doing a little shopping here and there. I love preparing and I am so excited to get to Argentina! 67 more days!

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