Monday, June 23, 2014

Los niños...

Hola everyone!

This week was great. Oscar still hasn't been baptized. Seriously we are learning so much from him. He is suffering a lot and Satan just has so much control over him. We are continuing to visit him and he really is progressing. Just not on baptism days... 

Okay our new bishop is DE 10!!! (It's a phrase here... like saying he's a 10) He seriously is incredible. There were 62 people at church on Sunday. My first week there were 25... MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING! We have a goal to have 100 before Hermana Creason goes home at the beginning of September. It is so happening. We are now rolling and working together. We finally feel like we can be missionaries and teach new people instead of trying to pick up the pieces with less actives. It is so cool to watch the work take off.

Wednesday Elder Blackner (district leader) challenged us to a competition... whoever had 20 contacts first wins and whoever is the last to get 20 contacts has to bring a treat to the next district meeting. A contact would just be talking to someone on the street or wherever, leaving a passalong card, and inviting to church or something like that. Well we had 20 before lunch... it was awesome! Then he texted us and said... no you need to have 20 each missionary... so we got 20 more. He was kidding but we ended the day with 45 contacts, the elders had 20 and the other elders had 9... Needless to say I am excited for district meeting. Haha. 

So this week Hermana C got sick. Friday she couldn't go out and work. She slept most of the morning and then we called the zone leaders to see if there was someone from the Stake who could go out with me while she stayed with a member. And there was! Hermana Elsa (yeah.. frozen... I love her) came to Cabildo! We went and dropped Hermana C off at mama Sivetti's house and we went and worked! It was a great experience for me! I knew where everyone lived and sort of started the lessons. It was different but I loved it! Hermana Elsa was great! She gave awesome input and we had some very spiritual lessons! It was really cool. 

Yesterday we had a family night with a family in the ward. They are less actives but the awesome thing is they always bring their nonmember friends! Every time we go over there we have a new investigator! One of them his name is Juan... funny story. We taught him earlier this week... he was super interested in The Book of Mormon and faith. We left him a Book of Mormon and told him to read the introduction and Alma 32... well we went back and he had read the intro UP TO Alma 32!!! What the heck... it had been 5 days!!! He said he would stay up until 5:30 reading some nights! So he is definitely on track to baptism. Then at the noche de hogar we watched Finding Faith in Christ. There were kids everywhere!!! Climbing all over me and when we tried to leave I had 3 kids hanging on my back and my arms. It reminded me of all my cousins! They were crazy but adorable!!! 

Okay I am out of time... speaking of time.. it's going by way too quickly. But I am loving every minute! Thinking and praying about everyone! Thank you for all you do in return!

Lots of love and hugs!
Hermana Hammond

gave myself a facial... it rocked.

The Silvetti's took our measurements and wrote them on the wall...
we really are their daughters :)

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