Monday, March 31, 2014

The First Letter

Yoo Hoo! Hi Family!                                                                           March 26, 2014

Man I don’t even know where to start.  Today was the best day ever!  Let me tell you what I did!  So after you dropped me off we went and got our nametags.  So fun J  Then we got our books and dropped our luggage off at the bus.  Then we went to my classroom (well my temporary one) and when I say “we” I mean my host and I.  I met my teachers and my companion!  Her name is Hermana Briggs!  She is from Lindon.  And she is awesome!  I feel like all of the sisters in our district were matched up perfectly!  We are already best friends.  So me and sister Briggs are the only 2 sisters who are advanced.  So it’s just us in class but our district is made up of 8 sisters.  Well for now.  We will meet those who have already been here tomorrow.  So we sat in a classroom just us two and listened to Hermano Pemberton (our teacher).  He only spoke in Spanish the whole day but I could understand what he was saying!  So fun J.  Then we went and met with all the new missionaries from that day, and the MTC Presdidents.  After that we had dinner J.  I had a chicken wrap and we went back to class.  We were supposed to meet our teacher but they never came…so we took pictures and talked.  Then we went to what is called a “teaching experience”.  We (the new missionaries) were divided into rooms where we observed missionaries and investigators interact.  Then we got to participate!  It was the coolest thing!  After that we went and took a bus to West Campus.  This is where we will stay pretty much all the time.  We met our zone leaders and took a tour of the campus.  THEN we finally got back to our rooms, unpacked, and now I’m writing you! 

Here are some answers to questions you probably have:
1.     My P days are Wednesdays.
2.     I’m in Wyview.  (They call it spiritual paradise here.)
3.     I freaking LOVE it here!
4.     I saw Elder Simpson today!
5.     I feel good about what I brought
6.     Yes, put West Campus on dearelder.
7.     Not homesick because they keep us SO BUSY.
8.     I love you all to pieces.

Please ask whatever questions you have!  I will gladly answer! 

The Spirit is so strong here.  I love doing The Lord’s work. 

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Hammond

p.s. It’s raining so I should sleep just fine J
p.p.s. I can already see the gift of tongues because my Spanish is skyrocketing!



  1. This is the BEST letter! I can feel the spirit through her words. I love it! And love Hermana Hammond!

    And did she really say, "Yoo Hoo! Hi Family!" Cracks me up!!

    1. She really did Christine! That's exactly how the letter started. I think all the cousins will like that quote from Frozen and remember watching it together. She cracks me up too!