Monday, July 13, 2015

The One with the prompting.

Hola a todos!! :)

So this week came and went in the blink of an eye. We had our leadership conference this week. Normally it is on Tuesday and we travel on Monday 
night after p day... well this time it was on Wednesday and we traveled Tuesday afternoon... so the week went by faster and for the rest of the week I was confused what day it was.... haha.

Our meeting was really uplifting! President Chaparro just completed a year in his mission!! Holy smokes that went so fast! I love the Chaparros so much!

Our investigators are getting hit hard with temptations... nobody came to church yesterday.. our ward is going through a really hard time. Satan is attacking the families here. It is heart breaking to watch. Please keep them in your prayers. We need a lot of strength.

Yesterday we met with our bishop and made some goals to help the members. Then when we walked out I felt like we needed to visit some members. We prayed and both felt like we should go and visit a certain family. We went to see what we could do to help them!

We got there just as they were getting home from Grandma's house. (Typical Sunday :) Their house was a mess, dishes everywhere, laundry to be folded, and dinner to be made. We told the mom to just have a seat and talk to us. We started in the kitchen and cleaned everything! Then talked to her as we folded laundry. I made dinner. As we talked she said she had been praying and asked Heavenly Father to send us a feeling to go to her house. She really needed a visit. I love this family with all my heart. I love even more that Heavenly Father trusted us to receive that special prompting to go and help His children in a time of need.

I love this work more than anything! Everyday is a new opportunity to learn and grow closer to my Heavenly Father. I know I say it a lot but I am just so happy! It's hard not to be. Yes we have hard times, trials, and days where nobody wants to listen to us... but that doesn't mean we should be sad. We control us. Satan isn't stronger than us. So I control what I can control. And I am happy. Always :) 

Gracias por todo!! Les extraño, les amo, y estan en mis oraciones siempre. Hasta la proxima!
Hermana  Hammond

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