Monday, June 29, 2015

The One with the New Beginnings.

Hey everyone! 

Thanks for your patience last week. It was really special for me to be able to spend that time emailing with my brother. He is going to be the greatest missionary. And I already know he has the greatest support team.

We are doing so good here!!! We have BIG PLANS for this transfer.... like BIG PLANS. We have put a goal of 8 baptisms this transfer! We set goals, made plans.... lots of plans.... and we have TONS of faith. But we need more prayers. Please pray for our goal. We have so many people ready to be baptized. We just need a final push! ;) 

I am doing good :) Y'all know I just love my life. Argentina has become my home and leaving just doesn't seem like it's in the near future. I absolutely love it here. I can't say it enough. 

Our investigators are still hangin' in there. We need to start making decisions about how to best help them. Keep praying for them. We need it. 

So we are ready to take on this new transfer! New beginnings are always refreshing.

Thank you for your prayers.

Hermana Hammond

Monday, June 22, 2015

The One where the mission field gets another Hammond...

Hey y'all!

So I have to apologize but this week my little brother is going to enter the MTC!!.... so my letter is short because I am going to spend the hour chatting with him. I am so proud of him and all he has done to prepare to serve the Lord.

But all is good here! I have lots to catch up on! But just know we are happy (a little cold), healthy, and excited!! 

Thanks for everything!
Hermana Hammond 

Monday, June 15, 2015

The One with the Sister Leader week....

Hey everyone!

This week was insane! Haha, on Tuesday we had divisions with the sisters in Perico! They are so dang fun. I stayed in our area while my companion went to Perico. I went to go pick her up and we took the bus back to Palpala.... well we were both exhausted... and decided to close our eyes for a second... Next thing we know we are in San Salvador!! It is about 1 hour past our area! We felt terrible!!! but it was pretty funny....we decided to get off in San Salvador because my companion needed to go to the dermatologist anyway! Things always work out :) So we went and turns out she has a fungus in her skin! Yikes.... it is all over her legs and on her face. Poor thing. She says it itches really bad. She has to take benedryl which basically knocks her out... I feel so bad for her... but we laugh so hard about everything that it's hard to have sympathy... haha. 

Anyway.. we worked Wednesday in our area and planned Thursday morning. Then some of the sisters in our zone called to ask us a favor. Their companions had to go to Tucuman to do paperwork for their visas... and they didn't want to lose their appointments with their investigators. So they called and asked if we could do divisions with them so they could work in their areas.... we were like... um.... Sure! (We can't really say no...) haha so we went! I stayed with Hermana Herrera and Hermana Stewart and my companion went with Hermana Peterson to her area. What was supposed to be 1 day turned out to be 3..... hahaha we were 3 sisters with 2 mattresses.... needless to say we didn't sleep very well... but we had a blast together!!! Hermana Herrera and I have divisions next week too.... round 10! We are basically companions. Oh and to top it all off my companions birthday was on Friday! We had a surprise party all planned and everything and had to cancel it!!! :( She was okay with it though... she is like me... she doesn't like much attention on her birthday..

So this week we are even more motivated to work extra super hard in our area!! We got some great references from the zone leaders in a neighborhood that I have never been to.... wish us luck.. 

Mercedes is doing good! She is still having problems with her daughter but she is trying not to get discouraged.

The Caro Family is doing good too! They have a hard time understanding the gospel. We have to teach very clearly and repeat a lot of things. Last night we watched The Restoration and they felt the spirit so strong. They are looking for an answer. Now they just need to act :)

Okay that about sums it up!! We are so stoked for another week in paradise!! 
Have a great week everyone! Thanks for all your prayers!
Hermana Hammond

We are a special companionship......

Monday, June 8, 2015

The One with the Road Trip!!

Hey everyone!! 

So we just got back from a long road trip!! There are some salt flats up north... almost Bolivia... and we took the P day to go and visit!! Then we stopped in Purmamarca (the hill of 7 colors) on the way back!! It was the greatest P day! We took tons of pictures and I got to buy a bunch of stuff for the fam! :) 

Yet another week that I don't have much time to write.... I just get caught up sending pictures and chatting with my family that I forget to write a big letter!

But life couldn't be better here! The Caro Family came to church yesterday!! It was so neat because they said when they were about to leave their house they couldn't move their legs!! They said it was a weird sensation but they pushed through!! They were so glad they came and LOVED sacrament meeting with all of the testimonies. Tonight we are going to watch The Restoration with them :) And talk about Joseph Smith's experience in the Sacred Grove.

Mercedes is doing great! She couldn't come to church yesterday because her daughter is really struggling. She got home at 4 in the morning, they had a little fight, but didn't get ANY sleep. We are really going to focus on her this week. 

This week we went to Salta and had 2 zone conferences! It was so spiritual! MLC was so uplifting. We talked a lot about faith and talking to everyone! I left with so much excitement and we both wanted to talk to everyone!!! We have had so many miracles happen this week! We are contacting everyone we see and finding a ton of new people to teach! 

Life is pretty much the greatest. I wake up so pumped up every day! We are making the most of every moment!

Have a great week!!
Hermana Hammond

Llama selfie....

Standing on a llama selfie.... it's a llama world down here :)

Hermana Owl :)

We went to the salt flats! It was SO BEAUTIFUL!

Monday, June 1, 2015

The One with a Good Feeling :)

Hey everyone!

So I just love every minute of my life. Serving as a missionary has brought so many blessings, trials, learning opportunities, and difficulties, but it has mainly just brought me happiness. I can't explain it very well, what it's like to be a missionary. (and not just because I'm forgetting English...) It's just a hard thing to explain. Every minute of every day I am happy. I wake up happy, I go to bed happy. I LOVE this gospel and everything that comes with it. I just have a good feeling this transfer. 

Yesterday Mercedes came to church! She is a rockstar! So prepared and so ready for the gospel. We are getting everything ready for her baptism on the 27th of June :) She had us over for lunch on Sunday and told us everything she learned at church she wants to apply at home! She said, talking about church, that she finally found her home. It was so sweet. I loved hearing that from her. Church was very spiritual on Sunday. The talks, the sacrament, the lessons, EVERYTHING! It was a great day!

We are still teaching the Caro family! They couldn't come yesterday but promised to go next week! Keep them in your prayers :)

I wrote a short letter because I tried to send more pictures! But this lovely computer doesn't let me multitask... if a was downloading a picture I couldn't write in the mean time... so... I'm sorry for the short letter and few pictures but hey... there's always next Monday. :)

I am out of time but I want you all to know I have a very strong testimony of this church. It is true. And I will defend it against anything. I feel like the work is going so great. We are working harder than I have ever worked and I am growing more and more everyday..... in more ways that one :)... haha. Thank you all for your support and your prayers. They are felt.

Have a great week!
Hermana Hammond

Sisters from 2 different countries :)

We had dessert night in the ward! We were the judges :) Haha it was so fun! And this is the only picture I have so far with my new companion..... 

Bronchitis fun.....

I love Hermana Arrospide. We made a good team :)

Lone Peak Knights! Haha I even wore our school colors....... 

my trash basket photo collection is coming along... :)

Sister Arias (the youth in south america get to serve mini missions in the mission they live in! Sometimes we need more help! She was a mini missionary for 5 weeks! We got to do divisions :)

The San Pedro Crew at the Cordoba Temple Dedication. That was so neat for me to see all of them there!! 

And that's all the pictures for this week....