Monday, June 8, 2015

The One with the Road Trip!!

Hey everyone!! 

So we just got back from a long road trip!! There are some salt flats up north... almost Bolivia... and we took the P day to go and visit!! Then we stopped in Purmamarca (the hill of 7 colors) on the way back!! It was the greatest P day! We took tons of pictures and I got to buy a bunch of stuff for the fam! :) 

Yet another week that I don't have much time to write.... I just get caught up sending pictures and chatting with my family that I forget to write a big letter!

But life couldn't be better here! The Caro Family came to church yesterday!! It was so neat because they said when they were about to leave their house they couldn't move their legs!! They said it was a weird sensation but they pushed through!! They were so glad they came and LOVED sacrament meeting with all of the testimonies. Tonight we are going to watch The Restoration with them :) And talk about Joseph Smith's experience in the Sacred Grove.

Mercedes is doing great! She couldn't come to church yesterday because her daughter is really struggling. She got home at 4 in the morning, they had a little fight, but didn't get ANY sleep. We are really going to focus on her this week. 

This week we went to Salta and had 2 zone conferences! It was so spiritual! MLC was so uplifting. We talked a lot about faith and talking to everyone! I left with so much excitement and we both wanted to talk to everyone!!! We have had so many miracles happen this week! We are contacting everyone we see and finding a ton of new people to teach! 

Life is pretty much the greatest. I wake up so pumped up every day! We are making the most of every moment!

Have a great week!!
Hermana Hammond

Llama selfie....

Standing on a llama selfie.... it's a llama world down here :)

Hermana Owl :)

We went to the salt flats! It was SO BEAUTIFUL!

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