Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hermana Hammond vs. MTC

Hey fam bam!

Man I'm loving being a missionary! So I have a page in my notes titled "Write Home" so I don't forget anything so if I'm just rambling on about random stuff then just roll with it. :)
So first of all my nickname here is Beyonce so... yeah. I'm loving life. 

Okay some funny stories of the week-
1. I wanted just one paperclip to mark my planner so I could flip to the page easily. I didn't want to buy a whole pack so I was just putting it off. We were leaving our class room and as I stepped out of the door I looked down and in the crack where the door shut there was a white paperclip!!! I was like "Sister look! A gift sent from above! It's white and everything!" Haha so we joke that it's my angelic paperclip.

2. Spanish. Spanish is just a joke. I love it though! Funny story. We were teaching Francis and I wanted to tell him that we were here to help him and he should feel comfortable.  But instead I said he should feel confused... so that was pretty funny. Haha I realized it after I said it but he definitely broke out of character and we all had a good laugh. 

3. We have service every Friday and yes, we clean toilets. Just like dad. There are no missionaries here! I think in total there are 777... haha actually I know that for a fact. They told us yesterday. But this is the smallest it's been in 11 years! Haha wait until summer when it gets up to 4,000. But yeah. We clean toilets. I'll send a picture next week. 

Okay that's all the funny stuff for now ;) How great was conference? I am so lucky to be able to be here over General Conference and Easter?! What? I'm so excited for our Easter Sunday devotional. My guess is President Uchtdorf will come. They said it's gonna be big. Like I can one up any missionary in the field right now. And I thought David Archuletta was pretty legit. Did you see the documentary on him? It ended early for conference but we got to watch the end and you can see me! I'm wearing by blue polka dotted shirt and my hair is down. Go try and find it! We're a couple rows back in the middle. 

My highlights from conference:
I really felt like the first session on saturday was preparing us for what's to come. Satan is getting really good at his job and he is pretty ticked off that the church is growing so rapidly. And we are in for some hard times ahead. But the second session on Saturday was a reminder that we are ready for these times. When we have the Lord on our side we can't lose.

We had a great district discussion last night. We talked about questions and the importance of having questions. I don't know a lot. In fact I hardly know anything. But I know enough. I know this gospel is true. And I know Heavenly Father wants me on a mission right now. That is what I know. What I don't know is why. And sometimes it's okay not to know the "why" because that is where our faith comes in.
Sunday was great. Conference is amazing. Haha I wish you all could watch conference with an auditorium full of missionaries. When the speaker says something worth remembering, there is a unanimous *click* of pens and then you see everyone's heads drop to start writing. It's pretty funny. And when we meet with the senior missionaries there is a distinct difference with the grey heads and the brown heads. Haha it's kind of hard to explain. We sing in the choir and we sit elevated on some bleachers. So we look over all the missionaries. The senior couples sit together so it goes, grey/ bald heads on one side and brown on the other. Okay just try to imagine that because we get a kick out of it. 

I would say I can't wait to get to Argentina to teach people because we talked to a man at the bus station today who isn't a member! Me and the samoan sister started talking to him and he was on his way to a job interview. We felt prompted to pray with him then and there so we did. The other sisters looked at us like we were crazy but I just looked at them and said "you know we're missionaries right?" haha, So we prayed with him and told him good luck. That is what missionary work is all about. Loving God's children. He will then touch their hearts and they will gain the desire to follow Christ. We are just seed planters :)

Okay I gotta wrap it up! I absolutely love hearing from all of you! It makes my day! 

Until next time! 
Hermana Hammond

I forgot to send a picture of my dork dot. We wore those on the first day so everyone would be extra friendly. :) 

The white board is a drawing my teacher made. We be warriors.

I took this on the 4th so it still counts :)

My zone is the best. All of the guys left on Monday to go to A- town! (Argentina)

The temple was gorgeous today!

We loved seeing all of the beautiful flowers! 

This is us with our zone leaders. They rock!

And happy brothers day to the best bro out there! Love you austin!

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