Monday, June 2, 2014

¡Hola! ¡Adios!

Wow, so I have a lot of random stuff to say... Haha so good luck trying to follow!

First of all I am talking in my sleep.. there is a crazy family that lives above us and never sleeps... last Tuesday Hermana Creason asked me if I knew I talked in my sleep... I said I usually have no idea what goes on while I'm sleeping. She said in the middle of the night she could hear footsteps above us that woke her up. She said I moved a little bit and then said, "Somebody's clogging." I have no recollection of that. Hahaha.... anyway. 

Good news! Our district leader said my plan is to stay here for 6 months!!!!!!! He told me in district meeting and I got so excited! I had been praying for that! I love Cabildo and I want to do a lot of work here. Nothing is for sure (obviously) but that is what the plan is! Whoop whoop!
Next item of business, THE BACKSTREET BOYS ARE BACK TOGETHER!?!?!?! WHAT?? Haha we were in a lesson with Oscar and he had one of their music videos on. He told us they were back together and we about fainted. As a result of that we had all of their songs in our heads. All. Week. Speaking of Oscar, he's getting baptized this Saturday! Yay! 

And speaking of baptisms Valentina is getting baptized too! I don't think I've said anything about her yet... She is 11 and is so darling! Her brother is a less active but she wants to be baptized so bad! She had her mom drive her to church Sunday! SHE'S 11! Ugh I love her. 

We have been so blessed this week. The ward is starting to work together! We have been hearing of people going and visiting less active members and doing missionary work. That hasn't happened here in YEARS! There actually used to be 2 wards here and Cabildo was the strongest area. Now it's the weakest but we are seeing the biggest change! That's why I want to stay here. I love the people. 4 different people now have said I look like a "muñequita" which means little doll. Sweetest people!! Here is some other random stuff.

We are helping a boy in our ward with his mission papers! It is a lot harder all in paper and not online. Count your blessings. 

We didn't have light for like 3 hours... all is well now. We are learning to be adults and pay the bills. 

Haha, another thing here... when you are walking by someone and say "Hola" they say "Adios" hahaha I'm like what? You have to say hello before you say goodbye! It's so funny and never gets old.
Cool/weird experience, when we are teaching and go over 40 minutes I get super sick. The spirit leaves so fast because I know we shouldn't be there anymore. The hardest thing for us is to get a chatter box Argentine to stop talking. After about 40 minutes my stomach hurts, I get very anxious, and my heart starts pounding really fast. I told Hermana Creason this and she says it's because the spirit leaves me. I hate it. I am working on taking more control and really the goal is to have 20 minute lessons. I'll report back on that next week.
I want to end with a spiritual thought. I was reading Helaman 5 this week and want to share my thoughts with you. It says the word "remember" about 14 times in the first 14 verses but what is cool is that in Spanish it says something a little different. When it says "remember" and is talking about the words of someone it says "agree". I love that! Instead of just remembering what we are taught we need to agree. I've reflected a lot on the sweet priceless memories we had as a family before I left. I very often have the testimonies of that night playing in my head. It is a great thing for me to recite and I can feel our family growing closer and stronger. I love you all so much! I can't say thank you enough for your prayers. This work is remarkable and irreplaceable. 

Until next week, 
Hermana Hammond

Valentina :)

We ate empanadas the size of our heads!
So yummy but I started to feel like I was an empanada...

This is our lovely garbage basket... gotta love A-town.

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