Monday, June 30, 2014


Hello everyone!

What a wonderful week! Here are a few highlights-

Thursday night I went to La Banda for splits! It was great! I love it there! I worked with Hermana McCrae. She is great. She was talking to me and encouraging me about my Spanish. She said something that touched my heart. She said God is blessing me with the gift of tongues. From day one I have been able to say what I want to with no problem. She said that is because there is no time to waste. He needs me right now right here to preach the word of God. It made me realize how blessed I really am right now. I know Spanish and that truly is a miracle. I need to take advantage of this wonderful gift that He has given me and use it to change lives. THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE! 

I got back Friday night and we had a ward council... the first one in YEARS. We were running late and took a taxi. I started talking to the driver and asking him the usual questions. I felt the impression to ask him if he believed in God. He said honestly, "no. My mom died a few years ago and I don't feel like there is a purpose in life." This response just about broke my heart. It was a very special experience to sit there and tell him where his mom is. To tell him he would see her again. To tell him he IS a child of God and has so much potential. I definitely shed some tears. I thought I would be tougher with crying but I can't help it. I have been thinking a lot about my ancestors. Those in our family who have passed on to the other side of the veil. 

Sunday was a very special day for us. We taught a lesson in the morning and then got to church. Calling and calling and calling investigators. Oscar said he was on his way but was all the way in La Banda. We had lost hope when we were waiting outside and saw Valeria walk up. She doesn't have permission to come to church... she snuck out!! She's incredible. She wants to serve a mission and is preparing herself spiritually to go to the temple... and she hasn't even been baptized! Then sacrament meeting was about to start and I was satisfied. Then I hear Hermana C say Oscar's here... I looked and there he was!! We had a very long talk with him last night after lots of study and sincere prayer about his situation. We decided to work on his testimony and ask him when he wants to get baptized. He has finals for 2 weeks and picked the 12th. We prayed and truly feels this is what Heavenly Father wants. Please pray for him; that satan won't temp him and he will be able to resist the power satan has on him already. So then we are sitting in sacrament meeting is about to start and a member out in the hall motions us to come here. Mercedes shows up!! I don't think you know her yet... she is Oscar's girlfriend. She is progressing and wants to be baptized too! HOW GREAT IS THAT!!! I couldn't help but sing the first hymn crying because I was so happy. Wow... lots of tears this week. It was an incredible day.

Update on Juan- he finished The Book of Mormon! He has a baptism date of the 19th! Please pray for him. He has a smoking problem but we know he can do this!

One more thing. We were teaching the mom of a member this week. She is VERY Catholic. We were teaching the restoration. She usually just agrees with us and then just blabbers on about random stuff. Well she did... I was getting sick of her not feeling the spirit how she should. I cut her off and said, that's all great Hermana but what we are trying to say is that the catholics don't have the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She looked at me like I was crazy, her daughter had the biggest smile and I began to teach her for like the 100th time that we have the fullness of the gospel in our day. Right now. In Cabildo. She was like, really?? LIGHTBULB!!! Haha that was pretty neat. She told us she would pray to receive an answer from God.

We are getting a new President today!!! What! I am very excited and I know I will get very close to him and his wife.

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALLIE!! 14 years old!!! Love you!

Okay I think that is about all. I am absolutely loving every day of my life right now. We are seeing miracles happening and lives changing. I can't believe Heavenly Father trusts me enough to teach His precious children of Cabildo. I will forever be grateful for this experience. I have said it before but it is truly priceless and timeless.

Until next week,
Hermana Hammond

Happy Birthday Callie Bell!


This darling little boy was just standing outside... praying I guess...
hahahaha seriously the CUTEST thing!!!

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