Monday, May 25, 2015

The One with Bronchitis... aint nobody got time for that!

Hello everyone and Happy Memorial Day!

Holy moly the work is just going so good!!! We started the transfer sprinting.... and then I got hit hard with the flu and bronchitis.... ain't nobody got time for that... haha the worst thing for a missionary is getting sick. And on top of that I lost my voice. I was called to preach and couldn't even open my mouth! haha but the good thing is I never got mad or disappointed! We have so much excitement and are so happy to be here that this trail didn't even phase me. That was such a blessing. We went to the hospital yesterday, I got an Argentina shot in the butt and a breathing treatment. It was a needed experience for any missionary... haha as the nurse was injecting the medication he asked me if I was allergic to anything.... haha stupid... now ya ask me?? Good thing I'm not :) But today I feel SOO good! We decided to work today on our Pday... because when you have as much time in the mission as I do you just don't want to waste anytime. 

We had lunch with Mercedes!!! WOW! She is going to be baptized in a month!!!! She (and we) are soooo excited! Please pray for her. She is incredible. She wants to learn so much. I have NEVER had an investigator like her. She looks for ways to progress, she asks us what more she can read, she strives to keep the commandments. I have never met anyone so prepared. I am so excited!
So this week is going to be incredible! We have SO MUCH WORK TO DO!!! It's insane! haha but I LOVE it so much! My whole mission I have been preparing for these last weeks. And man do I feel prepared! I love Palpala with all my heart! I have never been happier! 

The work is hastening!!! And we've got to get going!!! LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for all of your prayers and support! I will have more updates next week! And pictures....... this computer didn't read my camera... so sorry!

Anyway!! Got to go! OH! And happy last day of Alma! (for those who are reading the Book of Mormon with me) What a great book. I LOVED every chapter! The Book of Mormon is TRUE. Let it guide your lives.

Have a great missionary week! Share the gospel! It's so fun! :)
Hermana Hammond

Monday, May 18, 2015

The One with the Temple Dedication.

WOW!!! I did not use my time wisely this hour I have to write y'all..... sorry. Haha but WHAT A WEEK! 

First off TRANSFERS!! I am now with Hermana Pereira!! She is from Buenos Aires and is awesome!! She has been out a year on the mission! We are still the sister leaders for our 2 zones :) haha I love it! I love helping other missionaries and being there for support. It is such a privilege. 

Another privilege was the temple dedication!!! It was so spiritual and so neat. And the COOLEST part was that the members from San Pedro (my last area) were there!!!!!..... With all of my converts!!!!!!! Wow that was the neatest thing to sit with them in the ¨temple¨(stake center). :) I am so proud of Hermana Hooke and all the work she did to help them get interviewed. It was such a blessing for me to see them there. We took a picture but I forgot my camera cord so I will send them next week for sure!!!

I am SO SORRY for the short letter! I will repent and write more next week!

Love you all!
Hermana Hammond

Monday, May 11, 2015

The One with the 6 pounds of sweet potatoes....

Hey there!

So yesterday was the BEST day ever! We brought an entire family to church! Please pray for the Caro family :) I just love them with all my heart! They mean the world to me! We have a LOT of work to do to get them ready for baptism.... which includes a WEDDING!!! YAY!! :) Please pray that everything will work out. I know it will.

Also yesterday we met the wife... well the girlfriend of a member in our ward! They are living together but she wants to join the church! She said he has been such an example to her and she wants to be apart of the church! So ANOTHER WEDDING! haha Her name is Mercedes :) prayers are welcome.

So we are doing so good here! This week we had a conference with Elder Viñas! President Chaparro was his assistant when he opened the Argentina Salta mission as President! Super cool! He helped us a lot. We had to give him a report of each area. He wanted to know if all of the priesthood holders who have been ordained to the office of Elder, are active, have a calling, or are serving a mission. He was so pleased to hear that almost 100 percent of all the men are active, have callings, or are serving missions! He said we were the best mission.... I would have to agree :)

Today we go to Salta! This month went by way too fast... but I am excited to get more advice and help for our zones. It will be fun to see everyone too :)

So today I got a big sweet potato craving... haha we went shopping and I bought 6 pounds of sweet potatoes!!! Hahaha that should do it :) So... I will be having sweet potatoes for breakfast everyday this week.

I hope everyone has just a lovely week!
Hermana Hammond

p.s. Happy Mother's Day to all you Mommies out there!!! And all you future mommies!!! :) 

The tallest Elder in the whole wide world took our selfie..... 

Look who came to visit!!

The tallest Elder in the whole wide world took our selfie.....

Monday, May 4, 2015

The One with the haircut!! :)

Hey everyone!

It was a great week :) And.... don't worry... I didn't cut my hair... but I did cut my companions hair!!! We CHOPPED IT! She is so cute and I LOVE it! Hahaha I was surprised by my hidden talents :) haha pictures attached.

Nothing really out of the ordinary this week... well every week is EXTRA ordinary but not much to report on.

Here's what I've got:

1. I decided to do personal progress in my last 3 months of the mission! I talked to my Bishop and the Young Women's President and they approved! Whoo! I am going to do it at lightening speed. 1 value per week and the project! Yikes!!! Haha but it's a lot easier as a missionary because well... It's basically personal progress everyday! It will be the perfect thing to help me run past the finish line!

2. I had my favorite district meeting this week! We talked about faith and the things we can't see as missionaries. I LOVED the lesson! We talked about the purposes of God and how they are great and eternal (reference from our scripture reading yesterday... hint hint) and that our work here will last FOREVER!! It was a great meeting and really made me feel like I am an eternal missionary... not just an 18 month one :) 

3. We are working so hard to find people who are ready to hear the gospel. We have had lots of members who were inactive come back to church. That is a neat thing to watch :)

4. I have also been going over my MTC notes. I have learned so much reading what I learned over a year ago. It is helping me become the missionary I wanted to be when I started this great journey.

Well that's all I've got in this short hour :)
I love you all so much! Have a great week and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! 

Hermana Hammond

yay for fast computers!  I got to send a lot of pics this week...

Fun family that we found on the trail! They are going to look me up on facebook! The lady next to me has a sister who is a member! I love sharing the gospel!

my get up :)

This little name tag has seen it all...

Before haircut...
...after. She is so cute:) 

These hooligans.... are my roomates.. hahaha I love them :)

This is how I feel...
I love my mission...I don't want to leave.