Monday, May 25, 2015

The One with Bronchitis... aint nobody got time for that!

Hello everyone and Happy Memorial Day!

Holy moly the work is just going so good!!! We started the transfer sprinting.... and then I got hit hard with the flu and bronchitis.... ain't nobody got time for that... haha the worst thing for a missionary is getting sick. And on top of that I lost my voice. I was called to preach and couldn't even open my mouth! haha but the good thing is I never got mad or disappointed! We have so much excitement and are so happy to be here that this trail didn't even phase me. That was such a blessing. We went to the hospital yesterday, I got an Argentina shot in the butt and a breathing treatment. It was a needed experience for any missionary... haha as the nurse was injecting the medication he asked me if I was allergic to anything.... haha stupid... now ya ask me?? Good thing I'm not :) But today I feel SOO good! We decided to work today on our Pday... because when you have as much time in the mission as I do you just don't want to waste anytime. 

We had lunch with Mercedes!!! WOW! She is going to be baptized in a month!!!! She (and we) are soooo excited! Please pray for her. She is incredible. She wants to learn so much. I have NEVER had an investigator like her. She looks for ways to progress, she asks us what more she can read, she strives to keep the commandments. I have never met anyone so prepared. I am so excited!
So this week is going to be incredible! We have SO MUCH WORK TO DO!!! It's insane! haha but I LOVE it so much! My whole mission I have been preparing for these last weeks. And man do I feel prepared! I love Palpala with all my heart! I have never been happier! 

The work is hastening!!! And we've got to get going!!! LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for all of your prayers and support! I will have more updates next week! And pictures....... this computer didn't read my camera... so sorry!

Anyway!! Got to go! OH! And happy last day of Alma! (for those who are reading the Book of Mormon with me) What a great book. I LOVED every chapter! The Book of Mormon is TRUE. Let it guide your lives.

Have a great missionary week! Share the gospel! It's so fun! :)
Hermana Hammond

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