Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hump day!!!

Hola familia!! 

Halfway done at the CCM! (MTC in spanish) Loving it more and more everyday! Spanish is coming more and more! So that's exciting. So far Hna. Briggs and I have memorized the missionary purpose, baptismal invitation, the first vision, and the first 2 articles of faith and some scripture masteries here and there. Did you know they changed them? They are more centered on families! I love them. We thought we were getting new missionaries today but I guess not. You have to be flexible as a missionary. So hopefully next week! They really don't have a system to it. They just like to keep branches going. So we will keep on keeping on and do whatever we are told. :) 

I got the opportunity of playing the piano for the cafeteria staff's sacrament meeting. It was a really cool thing to be apart of! There were only 3 employees and the manager but they held sacrament meeting. It was a testimony strengthener for me and a little taste of what it will be like. It doesn't matter where you are or how many people are there. If you have the right authority, you can have the sacrament. I played a little keyboard in the corner of the cafeteria but hey, at least it worked :) 

We've also had some pretty cool devotionals! Vocal Point came 2 weeks ago and BYU mens chorus came Sunday. And along with David Archuletta we have been musically fed ;) So that's cool! 

I don't have much of an update but I wanted to take the time in this letter to share some spiritual experiences I've had. Yesterday I had such a spiritual uplifting day. Our teacher Hermano Avila is my favorite teacher. He started out as our first investigator "David" and is now our teacher. Same with "Francis" I thought it was really cool they did that. We knew all along but they got to see how we are in lessons with out us knowing they were our teachers. Now we have new investigator teachers and a real investigator we are teaching! He's actually sitting by me right now talking to me. He loves me and loves talking about my life and family. It's pretty cool we get real experiences here. He's from Mexico and it kind of ruins it but he really is acting but he dresses and talks like an investigator. He told us on our first visit that Satan is his dad... he's come a long way since then. I'll talk more about him next week. I got distracted... back to our teacher. So he asked us what we wanted to learn in class for the last hour. Hna. Briggs said how do you know the scriptures so well. He is a really intelligent and amazing teacher. He said I am going to teach you something that will change your life forever, but only if you want it to. He then went on to define "doctrine" "principle" and "application". The "why" "what" and "how" of the gospel. Then he said I encourage you to go read "The Why of Priesthood Service" by President Uchtdorf. He said it changed his life. If we focus on the doctrine, the why, we will have a testimony so deep in our hearts that we will never have a time where we question the church. 

Then for Tuesday devotional Elder Neil L. Anderson of the twelve came and spoke to us! His entire talk was on the importance of the doctrine of Christ. I am going to devote the rest of my life to learning more about the doctrine of Christ. I want to do what He would do, teach the way He would teach, and act the way He would act. It has already been such a great thing for me to focus on. My testimony is so steadfast and unwavering. I know this Church is true. I am more certain of that than I am certain of anything else. THIS. IS. TRUE. I love being a representative of the Savior. I love being able to tell our investigators that Jesus Christ sent us to teach you about His gospel. We are literally called of God. I learn the importance of that more and more every day. 

We watched the new Mormon message video called "Because of Him." It is very powerful. I encourage all of you to watch it. It is amazing to watch this Easter Season. So that's my spiritual thought. 

Okay funny story! So these sisters in our District were teaching a lesson and they wanted the investigator (who was really their teacher) to read Genisis 18:14 but instead they told him to read Genisis 17:14... you'll find out why that's funny. 

So every thing is great here! I am loving being a missionary so stinking much! Today we got to go to the temple and talk to all of the new missionaries coming in today! We love doing that! We met 3 that are coming to west campus and got to answer a lot of questions! After the temple I magically saw Michelle and Jaylee! They went and got us Cafe Rio and we ate it at Brigham's Landing. No rule breaking. :) They are so cute! I was so grateful because I was craving it so bad! While we were waiting for them a nice man gave us a $10 gift card to Jamba Juice! How nice! Missionaries really are blessed! So I guess we have lunch for next week! 

Alright that's all I got! Thanks everyone for your love and prayers! I can feel them every day. 

Nos vemos!
Hermana Hammond

This is what our classroom looks like:)

Hermana Hammond's Room

 Large Apartment

 We like to match :)

 Happy birthday Sophie and Tessa!!!

 And Happy Hump Day to us!

 My besties at the the temple!

And Cafe Rio!!!!!!!

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