Monday, September 29, 2014

The One80

Holy cow have I experienced a 180! I am so much better! And to my surprise it didn't come from the Zone Conference or the Women's Conference. It was an attitude adjustment. This week I took a piece of paper and wrote down all the things that were bringing me down... it was pretty long. haha and then...... I burned it. Yup. I lit that sucker on fire. It was just what I needed to move on. Those things aren't important right now. The only thing that should be on my mind is "Am I doing enough to serve the Lord this day?". So yep I am a new person! Ready to move on from that struggle and look toward the future! 

Hermana Jimenez and I are doing great! We are serving each other and laughing more :) Every other day is English Day. We pray, study, and talk all in English! She's so cute. She's helping me a lot with my Spanish. Haha it's so dang rewarding when your district leader (who is from Argentina) calls at night and has to ask who he's talking to because we sound the same.. and then when the sisters call they ask the same thing.... I LOVE IT! haha I'm a Chilean! This week we both celebrated 6 months and 12 months on the same day! Hna J made oatmeal cookies to celebrate!

So this week I am going to have a cool opportunity to help a sister in out zone. She is from the states and is really struggling. She just wants to go home. There are a few North Americans in the zone and president asked me to help her for a day. She will work with me on Wednesday! I am so greatful that my President and my Heavenly Father would trust me to help this sister in such a fragile situation. Please pray for her and that I will be able to help her.

So women's conference was fantastic!! I watched it in English because when we watch it in Spanish you can hear the English in the back and for a North American it just about makes your head explode. Haha. I LOVED the focus on temples! It's so great especially after hearing about all of my cute friends getting sealed in the temple. That should be such a focus in our lives. It is the house of the Lord. I loved it. And I am SOOOO excited for general conference!!! Ahh I can't wait! :)

Investigator wise we are struggling. We have some of the greatest people here who want to be baptized but they won't come to church!!! It's so frustrating! Sunday we were waiting for 10 investigators and 2 came... Camila and Sara. And they don't have permission to be baptized... frustrating. But we are still happy, hopeful, and sweaty... haha it's so hot here.... I'm praying I will get transferred to Salta where it is at least a little bit cooler....

I want to thank all of you for your letters and your prayers. I have the biggest support team. I can feel your love and it strengthens me everyday!

Until next week!
Hermana Hammond

Fun culture fact... I thought I would share a fun culture fact each week. There are many :) Haha here in A-town people water the dirt.... yep. Watering the dirt is a 3 times a day chore. It prevents dust... well it helps... 


6 month and 12 month mark with Hma J
6 months!

Happy Missionary

Monday, September 22, 2014

THE atONEment.

Hello all!
I don't have much to report on since Wednesday. The work is pretty dry. Only Mirium and Carlos were at church... they are a piece of work haha. No baptismal date yet... 9th time at church. We are trying to work on helping people make commitments. Please pray that they will follow through. 

So this week was a little rough for me. It is crazy hot here and I seriously feel like a walking oven... Saturday I crashed. Wait let's back up. Friday we had divisions with our sister leaders. I had a great day with Hermana Miranda! She's from Paraguay! So darling. I learned a ton!... then Saturday I crashed. Physically. I called Hermana Chaparro and she said to put ice on my head and lay down and try to sleep... that ice melted in like 20 minutes. No sleep. I didn't have a fever but I was burning up. I had a bad headache and was very dizzy. This isn't even spring yet! I am very scared for what's coming. 

So with all of the hardships I have really had to focus on the Atonement. I LOVE STUDYING THE ATONEMENT. There is no way I could get through any moment on my mission without my Savior. I love to think that He suffered for me and now He is guiding me through it. I am so looking forward the the women's conference this Saturday and General Conference next weekend! Also we have a Zone Conference tomorrow! I am in need of a spiritual pick me up. 

I love you all. 

Sorry no pictures this week. For sure next :) Keep on being amazing.... and see you in 1 year! 

Hermana Hammond

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The One where I went to Chile....

Hey fam! 

So yeay.... I went to Chile on Sunday! Haha crazy right?? We had to leave the country so we could get our travelers visa again. We left Sunday morning, and went straight to the Cordoba mission home! Annnnnd the CORDOBA TEMPLE!!!!!! It's sooooo pretty! I have photos to prove it :) It's right next to the mission home! So fun. Anyway, we ate there and picked up missionaries from Cordoba. Then we went to Mendoza.... ate and picked up more missionaries. We had a big double decker bus rented just for us missionaries. Sisters on the bottom, elders on the top. I'm not kidding, I was on that bus for 4 days.... we went to the Chilean boarder, did customs and everything, had a snowball fight with all the missionaries who had never touched snow... hilarious, and then went to Santiago.... Chile. I went from Santiago to Santiago :) It was great but I am way tired and yeah... I couldn't sleep really well on the bus because I was car sick but I am doing better now! We got back this morning around 6am

Hermana Jimenez didn't come with me. She is a boss and found members to work with! The work is improving! We have found some great FAMILIES!! It's amazing! I will tell you more about them once they progress.
So I didn't get to write about last week. I started the week a little rough. I was a little discouraged and just down. I was like that until Thursday when we had the Conference in Tucuman. It was incredible!! Sam helped put it together! He did a great job! So I am completely changed. It's incredible. Hermana J and I are working so hard. I just had to get used to a new companion and how we work together. I am SO HAPPY. I love being a missionary. I can't say it enough! I love serving the Lord and helping people here in Cabildo. We have some baptisms planned for October! Keep the familia Herrera in your prayers. They are progressing! Ahhh I love this work! 

Alright I better go. I love you all! Thank you for your constant prayers! 

Oh last thing! Alma 37:36-37 - this is the scripture that helped me a ton this week. It was in our weekly reading. Just another way that the Lord is watching over us.

Love from Argentina!... and Chile :)
Hermana Hammond

Chilean boarder. SO pretty!

Hermanita Jimenez :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

The One with my Chilean Compañera

Hola family!

I have a new companion! Her name is Hermana Jimenez! She's from Chile! She's so awesome! I am very excited to work with her! We will get along just great with no problems. Hermana Creason is officially gone :(.  I had a great time with her and I am excited for what's next! 

A lot of changes in the zone! Almost everyone changed! Crazy! Elder Slighting left to Tucuman... He is the zone leader! He will do great there! We are going to Tucuman this Thursday for a big conference. Elder Zaballos from the seventy is going to come talk to us! Should be pretty cool!

So I'm not going to write much today because I'm going to send a lot of pictures! But I am so happy! The work is progressing! We are still working with that family. They are very interested :) We are still working on helping the investigators we do have, get to baptism. 

As far as the weather.... it's crazy hot. Taking it day by day :) 

Sorry this week is super short! But enjoy the pictures!

Love you all. I can feel your prayers everyday.
Hermana Hammond

A cool castle... reminds me of Callie's castle

A typical Argentina park :)

I may have gone a little overboard with my nail polish skills....

Me and my comp with our weekly selfies waiting for investigators.

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Last One with Hermana Creason

Hello loved ones!

Wow what a cool week and a super fun P-day!!! Here's what happened!

This week we found a great family!!! The mom is the sister of an active member but her husband and 3 kids aren't members. We had heard from other members that the dad is very cold about the church and hates missionaries. Well we felt like we needed to go so we did. The mom and her 2 daughters were there (Sara- 13 and Camilla- 11). She was so excited to see us and to teach her daughters. They are darling!!Preparing for baptism 
September 20th! Then during the lesson the dad walked in and he was like, Oh hermanas! Nice to see you. Hi how are you? I'm their dad! Please, continue with the lesson!.... We were like.... what?? Hahaha but that just means this family is ready! We are going to try to teach the son (Sebestian- 17) and the dad this week!! 

Ok so really cool... Oscar is the 1st counselor in the Young Men's!!!!!!!! He is absolutely incredible! So cool. He will be great. 

So Saturday the Relief Society had an activity, the ward is coming to life!! I can't believe it! We got to go for a little bit and it was so fun!! I love it here. I don't ever want to leave.

So Marta... she's going back to Spain tomorrow. But I have no doubt she will get baptized! She has all the LDS apps on her phone and is on it all the time. She also knows the missionaries in Spain and feeds them lunch! It was a cool experience to teach her. We have family night with the Umbides family tonight and she will be there. Should be fun :)

So today!! We went to more of the city part of Santiago with Oscar today! It was SO FUN! We went shopping, to the zoo, to see the big river, to a giant park, and had yummy smoothies!! It is crazy hot here I can't even believe it. I pray every day I don't overheat. I carry around a giant thing of water!  Jaja asi es la obra :)

Anyway. I can't believe this transfer is coming to an end.... time is not my friend. But I know Heavenly Father is doing it on purpose. He is testing my diligence. And I am working so hard to make the best of every moment. I will be starting a new transfer with a new companion next week. Showing her the best area in the mission :)

Okay my time has about run out! I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for the support!! 
Hermana Hammond

I love my comp :)

Funny sign we found :).... only in Argentina