Monday, September 22, 2014

THE atONEment.

Hello all!
I don't have much to report on since Wednesday. The work is pretty dry. Only Mirium and Carlos were at church... they are a piece of work haha. No baptismal date yet... 9th time at church. We are trying to work on helping people make commitments. Please pray that they will follow through. 

So this week was a little rough for me. It is crazy hot here and I seriously feel like a walking oven... Saturday I crashed. Wait let's back up. Friday we had divisions with our sister leaders. I had a great day with Hermana Miranda! She's from Paraguay! So darling. I learned a ton!... then Saturday I crashed. Physically. I called Hermana Chaparro and she said to put ice on my head and lay down and try to sleep... that ice melted in like 20 minutes. No sleep. I didn't have a fever but I was burning up. I had a bad headache and was very dizzy. This isn't even spring yet! I am very scared for what's coming. 

So with all of the hardships I have really had to focus on the Atonement. I LOVE STUDYING THE ATONEMENT. There is no way I could get through any moment on my mission without my Savior. I love to think that He suffered for me and now He is guiding me through it. I am so looking forward the the women's conference this Saturday and General Conference next weekend! Also we have a Zone Conference tomorrow! I am in need of a spiritual pick me up. 

I love you all. 

Sorry no pictures this week. For sure next :) Keep on being amazing.... and see you in 1 year! 

Hermana Hammond

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