Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The One where I went to Chile....

Hey fam! 

So yeay.... I went to Chile on Sunday! Haha crazy right?? We had to leave the country so we could get our travelers visa again. We left Sunday morning, and went straight to the Cordoba mission home! Annnnnd the CORDOBA TEMPLE!!!!!! It's sooooo pretty! I have photos to prove it :) It's right next to the mission home! So fun. Anyway, we ate there and picked up missionaries from Cordoba. Then we went to Mendoza.... ate and picked up more missionaries. We had a big double decker bus rented just for us missionaries. Sisters on the bottom, elders on the top. I'm not kidding, I was on that bus for 4 days.... we went to the Chilean boarder, did customs and everything, had a snowball fight with all the missionaries who had never touched snow... hilarious, and then went to Santiago.... Chile. I went from Santiago to Santiago :) It was great but I am way tired and yeah... I couldn't sleep really well on the bus because I was car sick but I am doing better now! We got back this morning around 6am

Hermana Jimenez didn't come with me. She is a boss and found members to work with! The work is improving! We have found some great FAMILIES!! It's amazing! I will tell you more about them once they progress.
So I didn't get to write about last week. I started the week a little rough. I was a little discouraged and just down. I was like that until Thursday when we had the Conference in Tucuman. It was incredible!! Sam helped put it together! He did a great job! So I am completely changed. It's incredible. Hermana J and I are working so hard. I just had to get used to a new companion and how we work together. I am SO HAPPY. I love being a missionary. I can't say it enough! I love serving the Lord and helping people here in Cabildo. We have some baptisms planned for October! Keep the familia Herrera in your prayers. They are progressing! Ahhh I love this work! 

Alright I better go. I love you all! Thank you for your constant prayers! 

Oh last thing! Alma 37:36-37 - this is the scripture that helped me a ton this week. It was in our weekly reading. Just another way that the Lord is watching over us.

Love from Argentina!... and Chile :)
Hermana Hammond

Chilean boarder. SO pretty!

Hermanita Jimenez :)

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