Monday, July 20, 2015

The One in the oven...

Hello everyone!! 

So every Monday I have to push myself to write a big letter home.... haha, I just want to keep working and talk to you guys in a few weeks instead of write a letter..but I must endure to the end.

So there is a saying in spanish that if someone is in a bad situation they are ¨in the oven¨... everyone is saying we are in the oven! That our ward is in the oven, their families are in the oven, that the investigators are in the oven... 
Every time someone says that I just say, WELL LET'S TURN THE OVEN OFF!!!!!
We really are going through some trials in our ward and in work but we can do something about it! 

We are focusing on the family. We are visiting the members more and planning TONS of activities! We are visiting our investigators every day and always are calling or sending messages. The most important thing is that we will never give up. And the other good thing is that Satan can't win!! Haha, I don't know why he even tries... 

Anyway I have to go now! I hope all is well!
Enjoy your summer!

Until next week!,
Hermana Hammond

enjoy my latest trash basket photo. he's #1.

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