Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 1 in A-town!


Wow I'm in Argentina!!! What??? What a crazy week!! We traveled to Argentina which took about 2 days. We met President Levrino and Hermana Levrino and went to the church offices to drop off our stuff and grab a few things to stay the night in a hotel. It was great! No creepy crawlies. We also had dinner at President's house. So yummy :) President asked me to say the prayer! Scary! But it went well and he complimented me on my spanish! We slept in a hotel and met our companions the next morning! Hermana Creason is my trainer and she is AWESOME! We are going to have a lot of success. We took a bus to Santiago (our area) with 2 other Elders. We got to our apartment at like 2 in the morning... we were exhausted!!! And then Thursday was weekly planning. 

Then I had my first lesson with Valeria! Her baptism is this Saturday
Wow we only have 1 hour to write and I have a lot to say... but now I only have 15 minutes... cool. 

Well here are some highlights of the week. 
I had soda for the first time... twice...weird. I don't like it but I will drink it if I have to. Both times were with members and they poured it for me. All is well. 

I invited my first investigator to be baptized last night! His name is Oscar and he has been an investigator for 4 years!! His girlfriend is an investigator too. He will be baptized next Saturday. And Mercedes hopefully the following. He knows so much... last time they talked about the 3 Nephites with him... he was ready. What happened was his dad passed away before his baptism and he went down hill. Still receptive and considered as an investigator but hard to find. 

This week we have a zone conference and stake conference! So I get to see Elder Slighting! Excited for a familiar face. 

Today we made empanadas! It rocked. 

We have a lot of work ahead of us! And I totally want to write more but only have 4 minutes left. Above all else I want all of you to know this is God's work. I absolutely love being a missionary and serving others. It's an incredible experience that not many get to have. So thank you for this opportunity. I will do better next week with my letter. Sorry it's not very detailed. This is so not like me. Thank you for your letters! 

I love you all so much! 

'Til next week, 

Hermana Hammond

With President and Sister Levrino in the Salta Airport 

Here we go!

 With President and Sister Levrino

Dinner our first night

 Meeting my new companion/trainer Hermana Creason

Making empanadas

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