Monday, January 19, 2015

The One with a miracle.

Hello my people!

Holy. Cow. What a week of ups and downs. I have never had more of a roller coaster week in my mission! And I have very little time to let you know what happened!!! 

Here's a quick run down.

So Natalia found out that her mom isn't coming back from her vacation... she permanently moved there. That happens a lot here... people leave and decide not to come back.. it's kind of funny but super weird. Anyway she is super disappointed and the baptism isn't going to happen this week... or this month. They are still trying to finish their house... and THEN they are going to talk about marriage.... it was frustrating but we are going to keep teaching her and pray about what to do.

Next.. Carolina and her sister Viviana. I am not even kidding when I say that this week they told us they don't want to go to church because they don't want to be as ¨pure¨ as us..... I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I got so angry. The world has gotten so wicked and Satan is so smart. I was just mad. We had GREAT people progressing to baptism and... lost interest. My companion finished the lesson and I said the closing prayer. We went to the apartment and talked it out. We cried and prayed and we were just confused. This all happened on Saturday. We talked it out and felt better enough to sleep. (I have a rule with my companions that we can't go to bed angry, sad, mad, annoyed, disappointed, or anything but happy!!) so we had a good talk and got a good night sleep. That night I think I prayed harder than I have ever prayed before. I was begging my Father in Heaven for a miracle. And man did He give us a miracle.

Sunday- I was in the middle of teaching gospel doctrine when a couple and a young girl walked it. I welcomed them and kept teaching. After the class I asked them who they were?? He introduced us to the girl and said her name is Paula. He is a member from another ward and this is his niece. He said, she wants to get baptized. She has lesson 1, a Book of Mormon, permission, and the only condition is that I want to baptize her. I was BEAMING!!!!! We quickly wrote down their information and went to sacrament meeting. She sat with us and the other young women immediately welcomed her and sat with us. We were sitting there in the meeting singing hymns when everything hit me at once. I started to cry. I realized what had just happened. It was an answer to my prayers. I am SO EXCITED to help Paula be baptized. She is DARLING! She is 15 and is SO excited to be baptized. We are going to go visit her and hopefully meet the rest of her family. Please pray that we can help more of them have desire to be baptized. I will keep you updated!! 

Today was great! We actually got to relax!! We watched The Best Two Years!! We were all happy to not have a crazy Pday and be able to watch a movie. 

Okay that is about it! Also the Cordoba family (not sure if I have told you about them.... they are a reference from a member) But they are going to come to church!! They are so excited! A family of 7!!! I will tell you more about them next week but please keep them in your prayers!! We are going to take care of these investigators so carefully and help them be baptized!!!!! It is going to take a LOT of faith and prayers.

Thank you for all your support!!!!!

Until next week,
Hermana Hammond

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