Monday, July 14, 2014


Oh my goodness gracious!! This was the greatest week of my life!! I only have time to tell y'all about Saturday and Sunday

So first of all..... drum roll please..... OSCAR GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!! Oh it was the coolest thing ever!!! Cried like a baby. His best friend (hermano Alan) baptized him. I seriously can't express how happy I am. After his baptism the bishop asked him if he would share his testimony... cried some more. He expressed how grateful he was for us missionaries and our patience with him. He talked about his long hard road to baptism. He has been investigating the church for 14 years!! But Satan really had a hard grip on him. What happened was a lot of missionaries gave up on him because he would progress and then immediately stop. That happened with us but we were persistent. He thanked us for our patience and for not giving up on him because that is when he needed the gospel the most. How cool is that?!?! And it gets better!!! Sunday he was confirmed a member of the church and he received the priesthood!!!! He was just beaming on Sunday

Speaking of Sunday... a member brought a friend to church! That never happens is this ward! Miracle! And then 2 more people brought friends to church!! MIRACLE!! And the coolest part is one of them is from SPAIN! Her name is Marta. She will be here until September and wants to learn more about the church. She is so cute! She is in her 20's but I told her my dad served there and she just beamed! I love that I have this opportunity to teach someone from where my dad served. Miracle! Then!!!! Mirium and Carlos came to sacrament meeting!!!! MIRACLE!!!!! They loved sacrament meeting! And after Mirium received a priesthood blessing. She has been having a hard time knowing if God is aware of her. The bishop had a very direct talk with her and said God IS aware! He hears her prayers. Oh it was so cool! She was crying the whole time and the blessing was really sweet. Carlos couldn't stop thanking people. Oh it was the greatest day. 

Then we went to have lunch with the familia Silvetti and Valeria was there!!! MIRACLE!! She was my first lesson here in A-town and we have been teaching her every week. The problem is she doesn't have permission to be baptized. But she's unreal!!! Anyway she is Brian's girlfriend - one of the boys in the family. And she was at their house for lunch!!! AHHHH so many miracles this week. I can't believe it! We are so undeserving of this many miracles. 

I forgot to add we met Presidente y Hermana Chaparro this week! They are UNREAL!!! He really has some great ideas for the mission. I love them so much!
Tough loss with Argentina... we were getting update texts from the bishop. Everyone here thinks we're from Germany... EVERYONE!!! So we are getting a lot of respect now... and a lot of whistles... hahaha I think it's funny... good thing it's not dangerous and we are being very smart about what areas we work in.
Oh and another thing! I am going to Salta on Friday to update my travelers visa thing... it will be a fun little trip! Haha we have to do it every 90 days.. so here's to one of many! 

AHHHH ANOTHER THING! We went to the hospital to visit a member who had a baby..... I was in shock..... I seriously don't know how to describe what I saw... but her baby was darling!!!!! Ahhhh my love for babies and little kids hasn't changed!
Okay I think I have said it all.... hopefully because I'm out of time...

Love you all!  Thank you for all of your prayers!!!
Lots of love,
Hermana Hammond!

p.s. some kids starting calling us hermana jamon y hermana queso.... hahaha we're a ham and cheese sandwich... HAHAHA so funny!

President and hermana Chaparro

the zone!

Oscar before and after baptism 


Confirmed a member of this church!!!

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