Monday, July 28, 2014


Hello everyone!!!

Here's a little update! So everything went well in Salta! I finished everything and we don't have to go back! Haha it was pretty funny because we were sitting waiting for our names to be called and I hear ¨Jessica Lauren!!!¨ Hahaha it sounded like dad yelling my name... I was like... woah. I haven't heard that in a while! Haha. So we are back in good ole Santiago! 

I was pretty sick this week but am feeling so much better! Oh and TRANSFERS WERE YESTERDAY!!!! I am staying here with Hna Creason for 6 more weeks!!! WHOOOO!!! hahaha, We are soooo excited! The zone leaders called us last night and said that we were having an emergency transfer and that I was going to leave... He told us companions, bus time and everything! I started crying and Hermana C kept taking to him. Then after about 5 minutes of information they said JUST KIDDING! I started freaking out! Hahah then he said guess who was the mastermind behind it all... your bishop!!! Hahahah he is soooooo getting pay back. Hahah so all is well! We are so happy and hopeful for this transfer! It is hermana Creasons last transfer and all we want to do is teach the world! I am so grateful for her attitude and desire to get better. 

So good news! Oscar is coming to UTAH!!! He is saving up to come January 2016!!!! Can you believe it?! He goes to Buenos Aires this weekend to get his passport! It is his dream to visit the Salt Lake Temple. So happy for him.

So funny story... there is this little store outside our apartment where everyone decides to smoke outside... there's this piece of paper outside that says ¨hay cigarrillas¨... so we were walking by one day and I had had enough. I ripped the sign off and took it to the apartment. Hahaha I felt kind of bad but not enough to put it back... It didn't work though... now there are 2 pieces of paper... and the smoking continues. Oh well. I tried.

So much is happening here and I can't express how happy I am! We are moving forward with Valeria's baptism on the 6th! Praying for a miracle that's for sure. 

Okay I think that's everything! At least good for now! Thanks so much for your prayers for our investigators! I can feel them everyday!
I love you all!
Until next week! Over and out.
Hermana Hammond

The best district ever!!!

Happy 4 months! haha


  1. muy linda foto amiga hammond y la bandera tambien jeje

  2. la extrañamos muchoooooo amiga jess le manda saludos mi familia y mi mama tambien...ahh y la pastaflora tambien jajaja