Monday, August 4, 2014

Winter?... I don't think so!

Hello everyone!

Man is it hot, hot, HOT!!! It's supposed to be winter but it feels like a hot August day in Georgia! The people say it's weird... I'm nervous for summer for real... but it will be fine :).

Okay so I forgot to say that last week Oscar blessed the sacrament!!! He is seriously amazing. His progress is incredible. This week was the 7 month anniversary of his dad passing away. They have a tradition to go to the cemetary. He was there and was having a hard time and felt the need to text us. A while back I shared with him my favorite scripture. D&C 84:88. It changed his life, as it did mine. This scripture has carried me through everything hard in my life. So when he texted us I reminded him that we are never alone. Not only is Jesus Christ in front of us guiding and protecting our steps but he promised angles on every side. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father trusts me enough to be the one who needed to help Oscar in that moment. Hermana Creason and I couldn't be happier here in Cabildo. There are miracles every day and such great people to teach. 

Update on Valeria. We went Thursday and her mom was there. She started yelling and said she never wanted us to come back. We didn't actually get to talk to her but we have to respect her wishes. It breaks my heart to see someone so ready for baptism but she doesn't have permission. She is strong though. Yesterday she texted us and asked if we started and ended fasting with a prayer. She fasted. It's incredible her faith. She will be baptized. Maybe not now. But at least in a year when she's 18. It will happen but we need to have faith in the Lord's timing. 

Haha funny story! We went to Chango Mas (Wal-mart) to buy some groceries. Hahah the change is weird here... but our change was 26 pesos... and the lady gave us 25 and a bandaid... weird. Hahaha that's Argentina for ya. :) And I love it so much!

Oh my goodness so yesterday we had the COOLEST lesson ever and then they came to church the next and the class was on the Word of Wisdom... we haven't taught that yet. Well they hated it! We knew we had to go see them that night to resolve doubts. So we did. They expressed their concerns and we taught that with faith in Jesus Christ we can do all things. They were touched by the spirit and their hearts were softened. We followed the spirit and the Holy Ghost really spoke for us. It was absolutely incredible. I have never felt the spirit so strong. It was with Mirium and Carlos. Mirium shared a lot of her doubts with us. She feels like Heavenly Father doesn't love her because she has never had a spiritual experience. I promised her that if we sing a hymn with her she will feel his love in her heart. We sang Abide with Me, Tis Even Tide. It was the most powerful thing ever. She was crying and I was obviously crying. She definitely received an answer. I then felt the prompting to invite them to be baptized. They accepted!! They know this is right. Ahh I love them so much! We are going back to their house tonight. Needless to say I am so excited. 

Okay my time is up. I can't say it enough how happy I am. THE CHURCH IS TRUE! There is no doubt about it! I LOVE MY LIFE!!! 

Hermana Hammond :)

Waiting outside for our investigators

We love our popcorn

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