Monday, August 11, 2014

Sundays are the BEST!!!

Hello ma peeps!

Haha so I had a great week!.... again. The week always is good but Sundays are the BEST!!! We work so hard all week and see the fruit of our labors on Sundays! It's all worth it. We had 4 investigators at church.

1. Marta- the girl from Spain! We are going to go teach her right after this. She will be here well into September. Baptism!! So cool for me to teach her. Little connection to my dad. :)

2. VALERIA!!!!! She walked into sacrament meeting when I was playing the opening song. I looked over and she smiled and waved at me! I about messed up!! Hahaha I didn't get to talk to her after but she was there! That's all that matters. 

3&4. Mirium and Carlos.... so weird story. We went to teach them with the Bishop last Monday. Carlos was getting to know the bishop and he said he knows his dad! It was cool because he was telling him all this stuff he knows and that they went out to lunch last week and where he lives and everything! But a few days later the bishop called us and said that Carlos was lying about the whole thing... his dad does not know him. In fact Carlos is a con man and just got out of jail..... yep. We are teaching a hustler. HAHAHA and so we are still figuring out how to handle this... the bishop doesn't want us to go over there without him and yeah. I will have more info later. We are teaching them tomorrow. The weird thing is he wants to get baptized and he was crying in the lesson... maybe he really wants to change. Hahah we will be careful don't worry! 

So yesterday was sweet! After church we had a tour with Juan! The guy who read the Book of Mormon in 10 days!!! He told us this week that he is very sensitive to spirits. He hates other churches because of their bad energy but finds peace in reading the Book of Mormon. Friday we had divisions and I stayed here in Cabildo with Hermana Guerrero. Last time we had splits Hermana C was with her and the lesson with Juan didn't go well. And when I was with her I felt the spirit very clearly to go visit Juan... I was like NOOOOO!!!!! Por favor no! Haha but you can't say no to the spirit... so we went! He was there and the lesson was a little off but I knew we had to be there because we had plans to go visit him Saturday but he told me he wouldn't be there and so I set up the tour with him Sunday and it was THE COOLEST LESSON EVER!!! We showed him the church so he would feel comfortable to attend this Sunday. He told us he feels something when he is with us, reading the Book of Mormon, and in the chapel. We then had a lesson about the Plan of Salvation and I invited him to be baptized. He said yes!!! So we have 4 people preparing for the 30th of August! Please keep them in your prayers!
1. Juan
2. Jose
3. Maria
4. Gabriel
I will explain the others another week.... no time. But please pray that they will move forward with their baptisms. 

Today was really fun! This morning we played soccer with the zone! It was SOO fun!! I love our zone! After Hna C and I went shopping! Don't worry I didn't buy anything.... okay so I bought another skirt.... and a bracelet but that's it!... and a llama pen... and another bracelet. Okay that is all! I think... haha I haven't changed!! 

Sorry no pictures this week! I forgot my cord at the apartment! But I love you all soooooo much!!!!! I am loving every day down here the beautiful A-town. I couldn't be happier. 

Lots of love and prayers,
Hermana Hammond

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