Monday, August 25, 2014

The One with the Talent Show

Hello all!

This week was fun! The work is still pretty slow and I am still pretty frustrated. I will start of by telling a cool story that happened Thursday. So we decided to invite Mirium and Carlos to be baptized like... Saturday. We had received that revelation and felt is was right. So we were walking to her house on Thursday and I got a feeling in my head that we shouldn't go... I was like psh they're getting baptized of course we're going! I had a little war with the spirit in my head and then a very clear thought came into my head saying, I AM TRYING TO PROTECT YOU! It was very clear and very strong I stopped and told Hermana Creason. She said she was felling the same and didn't know how to tell me. We took a hard right turn for a park bench and prayed. It was clear to us that we shouldn't go. And we didn't know why. But that's the beauty of trusting in Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost. Sometimes we don't know why. We just do it.

So after that experience we were confused. They said they couldn't come to church because of an emergency and we haven't seen them since. We have a lesson with them Thursday. And we have plans to bring a member.
So on Sunday, Marta was our only investigator at church. Bummer. But we are counting our blessings! She is great! We are teaching her tonight! She is leaving September 11th. Hopefully she will be ready for baptism before then!
Juan is traveling this week and we haven't seen him, Jose has been sick and is avoiding us. It's just been kind of a bummer week. But I still seem to be so happy! Hahaha blessings of doing the Lord's work! 

On Friday
 we had a talent show with the ward! It was so freaking fun! Hermana Creason and I played a remix of God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again on the piano and Hermana C played the flute! Everybody loved it! There was also karaoke and dancing and tons of food! Hahaha, IT WAS SO FUN!!! I have never laughed so hard! We left at 10:20 to be home by 10:30 and the members stayed until 3 am!!! Freaking party animals. Hahaha I love them! Hermana Creason and I are going to play this Sunday in church. We are playing Come Thou Fount. It will be pretty. 

So it's so crazy hot down here in Santiago and we are burning up! Our apartment doesn't have air conditioning.... so that's fun. We bought a fan this week. It's missing some parts (industrial Argentina) but it works!!! Haha

So I think that´s about it for this week. I want to have time to send pictures. I have a few :) 

Love you all! Keep up the good work!

Hermana Hammond

We SCRUBBED the baptismal font this week.

I felt like all of the sins that were washed away from every baptism that was in that font were embedded in the tile.... so gross.  We got it a little better.

I gave myself a french manicure.... feels good to pamper myself ;)

My cool hair.... getting creative :)

Us at the talent show.... it's a party!

You better believe your eyes!! Drinking a coke.

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