Monday, October 13, 2014

The last One in Cabildo!

Hello loved ones! 

Hahah I don't have much of a report this week... Sunday is transfers and I think it's about time I said my goodbyes to my lovely Cabildo. I love it here so much! It's going to be so hard to leave but a little easier knowing I will be back so soon. Anyway... wow I really have nothing to say... sorry. hahah 

This week I found oatmeal squares at the grocery store! That was pretty great. 

This week is PACKED! Tomorrow we have district meeting, Wednesday we have a special reunion with just the sisters in Santiago! President and Hermana Chaparro will be there! SO excited! Wednesday night we are going to do the family history work for Oscar's dad!! He is going to have a temple recommend interview and go be baptized for his dad. Wow life couldn't get better!

So I have a new friend for life! Hermana Herrera! We clicked! She is working in the area next to mine and we spent all p day at their apartment! We will be best friends forever! And maybe even companions one day! :) Hope so!

Culture fact: Sleeping from 1-5 is a must. Nobody is awake. Everything closes and no one answers the door.... it's called la siesta... the nap. Hahah I love it! I want to bring the tradition home :)

Okay I am going to leave the rest of my time to try and send pictures and chat with my family.

Love you all! Pray I get transferred somewhere a little cooler so I don't fry like an egg!
Hermana Hammond

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