Monday, October 20, 2014

The One you won´t believe!

Hey fam!!! 

So I am now in Tucuman Oeste! It is a beautiful area! Reminds me a lot of Georgia! Lots of trees and very humid! :) But very pretty! My companion is Hermana Chipana! She is from Bolivia and will finish the mission this transfer! I have to learn the area quick! :)

I am all unpacked in the new apartment! It's huge! We live with 2 other sisters! I love it! Unfortunately I lost a bag with all of the traveling and my planner and all of my money was in it. In my planner I write everything I want to write in my letter home... I hope I can give a good report.

Leaving Cabildo was really hard but I know I will be back! That made it a lot easier! The conference of sisters was INCREDIBLE! It was just the sisters in Santiago. President went from zone to zone. We talked about who we are. I loved every second! It was just what I needed.

So this is the letter you wont believe!!! We were sitting at Oscars house and he said ah Hermanas you have to listen to this song that I found on the church website! It's beautiful! I listen to it everyday!...... He started playing it and it was uncle Rick's song Real Beauty!!! I was like, NO WAY! That's my uncle! I know how to play it on the piano! He almost didn't believe me! Ahh it was so cool! He loves uncle Rick's music! After that he went and listened to all of his songs :) Super cool!

So this week was sort of crazy! For 4 days we didn't have any electricity! It was a big crazy mess but all is well in Cabildo! haha it's so hot here it's almost a joke! And I can't just call up my grandma and say grab your swimsuit and snacks were going to the pool... no for missionaries it is so much worse because we work.... and work... and work until we pass out... which is a possibility. ;) haha but I still love it here! I think we are going to have a lot of success here! I am very excited!

Here's to a new transfer, a new area, a new companion, and another chance to learn what God has in store for me! 

Hermana Hammond

P.S. sorry I'm a slacker on pictures again..... I promise next week for sure!

We got this email about 20 minutes after Jessica left the Internet cafe:

You're not going to believe this.... we found my bag!!!!!! All my money, my cards. eVErythinG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahh I'm so happy!!! We seriously were walking back from the cafe and this lady from the lost and found called us over and gave me my bag!!! Thank you for your prayers!!! 

Here is the link to the song that Oscar loves so much:

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