Monday, December 15, 2014

The one with the seed planter

Hello all!!

Wow what a cold week!!! Yup you read that right... IT'S COLD IN A-TOWN!!! Oh our prayers are answered!! Hahaha, it has been glorious!! 

Well I really don't have much to report on. This letter will be really short. No one came to church because it was raining so hard. Hence the title... I really feel like I'm just a seed planter. Helping people on their path to salvation. But if the Lord wants me to be a seed planter, a seed planter I will be. 

My companion and I have been reading Doctrine and Covenants. I came across one of my favorite scriptures. D&C 19:24 (look it up). But that is my mission motto. I am here to do the will of the Lord. And I feel like that is exactly what I am doing. 

Yesterday we went over to a members house and watched the Christmas devotional!! I mentioned in my last letter that I don't feel like it's Christmas... but last night was different! Hermana Salas made us hot chocolate and toast (which is my and my dad's favorite snack) and we watched the devotional. It was cold, I was with my ¨family¨ and I was happy. That is what Christmas is about. I love the holidays!! I love being with those who make me happy. That is one thing I've learned from being here. Happiness is everywhere! You just have to know where to find it. My happiness is in the people. I LOVE the members. I LOVE my investigators. I LOVE Argentina!!!

Happy Holidays!!
Hermana Hammond

We LOVE the rain!!!

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