Monday, February 9, 2015

The One I needed.

Hey everyone!!

I have good news!!!!!............ The Church is TRUE!!!!! Hahaha, no I'm kidding... well the church is so super true but that's not my good news.... PAULA IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are BEAMING!!! I am so happy and feel so good! We have worked so incredibly hard in this area and she is beyond ready! PLEASE pray that all will go smoother than smooth and that we can help this wonderful young lady enter the waters of baptism. It will be on Friday the 13th.... (we need strong prayers) because we have an activity in the stake on Saturday. And in May she is going to the TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!! Ahh I am so happy!!! 

That was really the highlight of our week. Things are better with the members. We realized they are bitter because the Elders before would break rules. Have the young men sleep over, stay at members houses for way too long, or even go places with members for a few days and leave their area completely.... (Hermana Salas explained it all.) She is so great. I love her with all my heart. 

So on Wednesday we had a special devotional with Sister Marriott and Sister Burton via broadcast from Cordoba!!! It was so fun! And just what I needed! Sister Marriott is so cute. She talked about filling our spiritual water bottles so that Satan can crush them. I definitely said a little AMEN SISTA! Haha, and Sister Burton decided to set her notes aside and just tell us how much Heavenly Father loves his daughters. It was a devotional just for girls. We were able to get some less actives there. It was a great girls night! :) 

So we had to call the offices today to ask for a few things. The Elder working there told me I broke the record of letters received by a missionary..... ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? I have the greatest fan club ever!!!!!! He said me and Hermana Sanhueza received TONS!! We were like.... haha it could be because our birthday is next week....... all I can say is THANK YOU!!!!!!! I love you all!!!!!! 

Have an amazing week!!
Hermana Hammond

Oh and I almost forgot!! WE GOT AIR CONDITIONING!!!!!!! All is well in Zion. 
And birthday shout outs to my Aunt Angie and Uncle Damon!!! Y'all are getting old..... :)

outfit of the day... complete with sneakers. I had special permission to wear them because my arches are crumbling... yeah... 

stranded sister..


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