Monday, February 2, 2015

The Sticks and StONEs.

Hey everyone!... 

I'm trying to get creative with my email titles but maybe I should just stop trying... haha. This week was definitely a sticks and stones kind of week... We have seen A LOT of problems in the branch that we have sort of just brushed off... but things blew up. On family night Friday I was teaching the lesson on the Great Apostasy. 2 investigators that the other sisters are preparing for baptism were there. The members started questioning him and asking if he knew enough to be baptized... then as we started to clarify some things and they started getting mad at us!! Saying we as sister missionaries don't have authority to know if they are ready or not ready for baptism. It was NUTS!! I quickly got things under control and explained, with a lot of patience, that these men were far beyond ready for baptism. Honestly it makes me scared to bring people to church... If they get baptized in this branch they won't have the support they need to endure to the end. It's a delicate situation and we are moving forward with the spirit by our side. 

Overall it was a really frustrating week. I was like... talk about an apostasy...... haha. We also have had problems with tithing. We are so close to becoming a ward and tithing is being pushed too hard. Some members of the bishopric have told us the families who aren't paying tithing and it made us very uncomfortable. Their families were there and now it's just a big mess. But it's been a mess for a long time. There is SO much gossip and hard feelings. I feel like I'm in high school when I go to church... one member said to us that things were better when the elders were there... that broke my heart. All I want to do is please people. Then on Sunday it got better. Tons of members shared in their testimonies how much they loved us. That we are their angels. 

So I guess some people just aren't going to like you. But I am doing the Lord's work and I feel like it's just another way for Satan to try and bring me down. It still hurts but I just keep whispering sticks and stones in my head :)

SO..... we still don't have air conditioning........ and I want to cry but I don't have any tears because I'm sweating so much. Hahaha! The sisters new favorite thing is to wait for me to walk out of our bedroom like a zombie and laugh at my hair. I sleep with the fan directly on me. With the combination of sweat and a fan... my hair multiplies and is all over the place, haha. So the air conditioning is ON THE WALL!! But we still have to finish with some electric work and then the guy can finish. Please pray it gets finished this week. I would actually like to enjoy it for a little while before I get transferred.

So Paula is still progressing for the 14th!! So pumped!! The youth went to EFY so we are waiting for them to get back and she will get baptized... which reminds me... our branch president asked us to only have baptisms on the 2nd and 4th week... and to not baptize anyone if it wasn't a complete family... we listened but said that wouldn't work. It's like.. we are trying to help you become a ward!! ACCEPT THE HELP!! 

ANYWAY!... I'm cool. Haha.

So today we went to a hugh Christ statue that is here in Tucuman!! It was fun but SUPER hot. Haha, and we are all exhausted. I think this is the first time in my life I am excited for winter... it couldn't come sooner!!

Alright I love you all!!! Life is good here! I'm happy, healthy, and working hard!! Thank you for your support and prayers. OH and tomorrow is supposed to be 105 degrees.  Prayers are welcome.

Hermana Hammond

Sydney, Jaylee, and Michelle!!!! LOVE YOU!!!! Here's to the big 20!!! :)

Pretty. AND... I got a new name tag :) my name isn't yellow anymore!!
(thank you Santiago sun...)

This is San Javier.... he is throwing the peace and asking for coins for the bus ride home... haha. 


Future Roommates!!!

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