Monday, February 16, 2015

The One where I'm finally understanding

Hey everyone!

Wow what a great week! I have to apologize in advance.... I am going to write this letter at the speed of light.... so don't laugh at my spanglish.. haha and also the keyboard is broken... I press the question mark and it does this -... so I found this one ¿ (which is really the plus sign... and I can't find the other parenthesis to close this thought... haahaha STRUGGLE!

But this was a great week! I feel so good here. Paula unfortunately didn't get baptized. It breaks my heart. She is having problems with her dad. He is very controlling and doesn't support her at all. We have been talking to President and he said that when she feels ready she can be baptized. She meets all of the requirements and will be an incredible missionary one day. On the other hand our district leader seems to be trying to not let it happen... he told us last night that Paula isn't progressing at all and that she will go inactive the week she is baptized. There are lots of things to consider but she is definitely progressing!!! I will let you know what happens this week. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for her. She is our main focus right now. I love her so much my heart could burst. Please pray that her dad will soften his heart and see the desires she has to join the church.

The rest of the week was great! I love my companion and we have made some goals this week to finish off the transfer strong! We have a little phrase that we always say, sin temor. It means without fear! We have conquered a lot of fears together and I have grown so much from her example. AND we get to share our birthdays together! All my life I have shared my birthday with my mom and my grandma. I thought it would be tough on my mission but the Lord blesses us in more ways than we can think of!! 

So I have to tell y'all an embarrassing story... I had to call the assistants to ask them permission for a few things. I called their phone and started talking... then the Elder passed the phone to his companion like he didn't understand me... I laughed and then started talking to his companion. He was like... who is this¿... Oh sorry elder... it's hermana Hammond.... then he was like.. do you know who I am¿¿... I said Elder Almond¿¿.... no Elder Slighting! Hahaha I was so embarrassed! I didn't even know who I was talking to! He said the assistants were out looking at the apartments and they left their phone with him. Haha I was embarrassed but he got a good laugh out of it. 

So this week my companion and I finished reading DyC. And personally I finished the New Testament. It was super cool reading them both and learning more about the gospel. I feel like at this point in my mission is where the understanding comes in. I have learned and learned and now it's time to apply. I am starting to really understand why I'm here. I am understanding better the commandments, instead of just knowing them. I understanding better what God has in store for me, instead of just having faith. And I understand I still have A LOT more to learn. I love my life. These 20 years have been so great. And these 12 months have been greater. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you all for supporting me!

Have an amazing week!
Hermana Hammond

p.s. Thanks to all who wrote me for my birthday! I have a STACK of cards in the apartment and a broken record in the mission. I feel so LOVED!

I drew this picture in family night at the Montoya home! Surprised myself. haha everyone here loves The Simpsons...

Waiting at the bus stop.

We are turning 20!

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