Monday, March 9, 2015

The One with the day of the Woman!

Hello family! And HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY!!

Hahaha they celebrate everything down here in A-town. And yesterday was National Women's Day!

Haha here's another light speed update because we started writing late.... oops. 

So Julian didn't get baptized. His mom is a convert and hasn't been coming to church. She started smoking again and it just wasn't right. He won't be baptized this week either.... It breaks my heart because he is SO PREPARED! He told us the other day he reads the book of mormon every day. He said ¨I don't understand, but I know I need to read it. So I read and write down my questions to ask you.¨ I mean are you serious??? He will be an amazing missionary. He reminds me of my cousin Ryan. He loves soccer, is so sweet, and has such a strong testimony. I will keep you updated on his conversion :)

Speaking of missionaries!!!! BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY BROTHER!!!!!!!!! KENTUCKY LOUISVILLE will be a better place after he serves there. Austin you will be an outstanding Elder. You have a love for people that is contagious. You will bless so many lives and leave the people eternally blessed because of your testimony. Thank you for accepting the call.

Mayra Diaz is getting baptized this weekend! She is Celeste's sister! She is so excited and so ready. Today we are going to go buy skirts for her first Sunday as a member!!! It will be fun. 

We had a lot of spiritual experiences this week! But I don't have enough time to tell you all!!!! And I forgot my camera at the apartment..... so no pictures this week... SORRY!!! We will just have to have a big family night so I can share EVERYTHING with you! 

Last week we had a zone training! And this week a zone conference! Also President Chaparro came to our church yesterday to give a talk. It was awesome.

Hermana Hooke and I are currently in the middle of a big project. ¨The Belgrano Mission¨. We are turning our branch into a mission. With missionaries assigned to every part of our area! The members are excited and hopefully it will double our numbers are reactivate a lot of members!!

So sorry this letter is so short. 
Shout outs to my Uncle Jared, Cousin Saylor, and Aunt Natalie!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Hermana  Hammond

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