Monday, March 30, 2015

The One with the cold front...

Feliz Conferencia General y Pascua!!!!!!

Hello everyone! Yay!!!!! General Conference and Easter!!! We are SOOO excited to hear the words of our church leaders. And we are inviting the whole city!! It will be a great week! 

This week in my studies I am focusing on Jesus Christ. Hermana Hooke and I are memorizing The Living Christ. We are almost done! It is so neat to teach with the words in our heads. We find ourselves quoting from the words of the profets and apostles as we testify of our Savior. It is a great experience. I love my Savior. I love that I can be His missionary for 18 months. I love the person He is molding me to be. I LOVE every minute I have here. I have never been so happy.

So disappointing news... Marta and Evaristo didn't get baptized. Tuns out they are married by heart but not by paper..... and to make all matters worse he was previously married to another woman a long time ago... The hard thing here is that getting divorced takes a LOT of time, money, and paperwork so nobody bothers.... marriage really doesn't even come across people's minds... it broke my heart to see their faces. They were so excited to be baptized. But we assured them not to worry, that we would get everything worked out so they can get married. Unfortunately they didn't come to church yesterday. Marta is sick and Evaristo stayed with her. But the kids came! They are all future missionaries. They are going to seminary and sharing the gospel with their friends at school! It is awesome! Also they invited us over to their house for lunch this week! They are so humble and so giving. It was one of their daughters birthday this week, Catarina. She is 7 and is preparing to be baptized next year! :) haha hopefully I can come back to be there for her and hopefully go to the temple with them! hint hint mom and dad :) 

Well that's about my update for the week. Oh!! Happy news! San Pedro got hit with fall!! It was cold all week! We had to wear a cardigan during the day and a jacket at night! It is BEAUTIFUL! I haven't been cold for a year. It was awesome! Today is a bit warmer but we are hopeful for some more coldness! :)
All is going well with the Belgrano Mission. We are really excited. This week we have a training for all of the missionaries and the ¨district leaders¨. This week in church we had a ton of less actives that haven't been to church in months and for some even years!! It was a miracle! We always love to see the fruit of our labors :)

Well thank you all for your support. I feel it so strong and it is definitely 
needed :). Have a great week and Happy Easter!

Con amor, 
Hermana Hammond  

Ma gurls.

Happy Birthday Catarina!

So... before the big storms... this was a bridge... 

Then we crossed the bridge....

Here's a pretty view outside our apartment. The sunrises are unreal.

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